How to Make a Basting Stitch on a Brother Sewing Machine

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A modern sewing machine has many different stitches available for creating interesting designs on a sewing project. The stitches on a Brother sewing machine are not all for pretty designs, however; some stitches have specific purposes. The basting stitch, for example, is used to gather a certain amount of the fabric to make ruffles or areas of definition. The bobbin thread on this stitch is pulled while the top thread is held steady, bunching the fabric into a gathering.


Step 1

Turn on the Brother sewing machine by pushing up on the "On/Off" switch, found under the wheel on the right.

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Step 2

Turn the stitch dial, located on the front of the machine, to the widest straight stitch available. This stitch is indicated by a number, usually 5 or 7, and a picture of three lines that are longer and set further apart than the others on the dial.

Step 3

Set the fabric under the presser foot and place the presser foot down by pushing the lever on the back of the needle shaft to the down position.

Step 4

Press down on the foot controller to make the machine stitch the length needed on the fabric.

Step 5

Lift the presser foot lever to the up position and remove the fabric from under the foot.


Stitch a basting stitch longer than the area you need to gather. Tie one end of the basting before beginning to pull on the bobbin thread to keep from pulling the bobbin thread out of the stitch.

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