How to Decorate for a Retirement Party for a Nurse

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Things You'll Need

  • Photograph of retiree in nursing uniform

  • Large picture mat

  • Marker

  • Variety of picture frames

  • Photographs of nurse and coworkers

  • Various medical devices

  • Fishing line

  • Red tablecloth

  • White felt

  • Scissors

  • Confetti

Decorate a nurse's retirement party in a way that highlights his important service.

According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, there are four times as many nurses as physicians working in the medical field. Since nurses provide crucial care and comfort to patients in the hospital, it is important to properly celebrate their career through a retirement party. You can decorate the venue in a way that celebrates the nurse's important work.


Step 1

Create a decoration that doubles as a gift for the honoree by enlarging a photograph of the retiree in her nursing uniform and purchasing a wide mat for the picture. Place a marker next to the picture and ask guests to write a message to the nurse on the photo mat. Present this gift in a frame to the retiree at the end of the party.

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Step 2

Place framed photographs of the retiring nurse on tables and around the venue of the party. Collect photographs of the nurse with coworkers prior to the party and put them in a variety of frames. Purchase stickers with a medical theme such as stethoscopes or pills to place on the frames to enhance the nursing theme.


Step 3

Collect a variety of medical devices and use them as decorations. For example, hang stethoscopes on the back of chairs or hang tongue depressors from the ceiling using fishing wire.

Step 4

Decorate the food table with a red table cloth. Cut out a large white cross out of felt to symbolize the nurse's symbol. Place this on the center of the table, and put the retirement cake on it. Sprinkle medical-themed confetti on the table purchased from your local party store.


Invite the family of the retiree, not simply the nurses' coworkers.


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