The Best Fertilizer for Clover

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Fertilizer needs for clover vary upon the maturity of the crop.

Clover is one of the many valuable, nitrogen-fixing crops that have many purposes. It may be used for hay, ground cover or as a reliable cover crop. Its fertilizer needs are variable depending on whether it is a new or existing stand.


Nitrogen Needs

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Except for when first seeding clover, nitrogen is not a necessary element to add to legume species such as clover. When first seeding though, add 20 pounds of nitrogen per acre of clover seeded. After the second year, only phosphates and potash should be needed.

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Phosphorus And Potassium

Established clover usually only requires applications of potassium (potash) and phosphorus (phosphate).

When seeding a new stand of clover, use a fertilizer blend which will yield 60 pounds of phosphate per acre seeded and 40 pounds of potash per acre. On mature patches, use a fertilizer blend of 0-30-90 to help give clover the nutrition it needs.


Other Considerations

When possible, base your fertilizer applications on the recommendations of a lab analysis.

Clover can also need sulfur if it is planted in sandy soils. You can supplement with 50 to 75 pounds of gypsum per acre, or use 10 to 20 pounds of elemental sulfur per acre. These recommendations are in the absence of a proper soil analysis. Whenever possible, have your soil tested and defer to the recommendations from a soil lab.



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