When Do Fig Trees Bloom?

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Most fig tree blooms develop into fruit without cross pollination.

The fig tree, or Ficus carica, reaches only 10 to 30 feet in height at maturity, producing a pear-shaped brown or bronze-colored fruit. Figs grow in tropical and subtropical climates, bearing fruit twice every growing season.


Time Frame

Fig trees bloom in early spring but are not considered ornamental. Green flowers grow on branch tips inside the receptacles where fruit later grows, according to Missouri Botanical Garden.


Most fig trees require no cross pollination during blooming for fruit development. Maintaining fig trees, including picking ripe fruit, keeps them from falling and making a mess of the landscape.



Although fig trees produce two sets of fruit each year, the first harvest often contains poor-quality fruit inedible for human consumption, warns Purdue University Extension. The second harvest, occurring in late summer or early fall, produces good fruit for canning, eating fresh or making into preserves.


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