Procedure for Replacing a Water Meter

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Older water meters are being replaced with upgraded ones.

Water meters keep tabs on how much water residents of a home consume. When it fails to work properly, qualified maintenance workers from your local water district will come out and replace the water meter. Residents are generally not even required to be home at the time of replacement.


Time Frame

Replacing a water meter is something you will only have to have done about every 18 years. Functioning problems begin to occur around this time, such as providing incorrect data readings. Having the water meter replaced is a job that will only take about half an hour to complete.

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Changing out older water meters with upgraded versions is happening in states such as Massachusetts. Transmitting water meter readings electronically does away with the need of physically having to go house to house reading meters. Also, paying meter readers will no longer be a necessity.


After Replacement

Tampering with a water meter after it has been installed is generally not recommended. Removing the meter and tapping into the service line is against the law and fines will be given to customers caught breaking this rule.



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