Are Mums Perennials or Annuals?

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Mums bloom in many different colors.
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Adding one final splash of color to the growing season, mums, or chrysanthemums, bloom in late summer and fall. Many hybrids have been developed from species native to Asia. These flowers have been grown for hundreds of years.


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Mum Description

Mums come in many different colors.
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Flowers can be yellow, pink, lavender, red and white. Bloom colors come in many shades and some will be two-toned. Mums grow in many patterns also. Low growing compact mums can reach 20 inches tall and taller, while looser flowers can grow 2 to 3 feet high.


Grown as Perennials

Mums may be perennials or annuals.
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Most mums can be grown as perennials or annuals, depending on what the gardener prefers. Perennial-grown mums require more work than annual-grown mums. Mums grown as perennials must be pinched back in spring and summer to shock the plant into more compact growth. Mulch should be added around the mums to help protect them in winter.


Grown as Annuals

Mums are easier to grow as annuals.
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Annual-grown mums require less work and offer great color for the one growing season. In cold areas, where overwintering may kill the plants, mums make better annual plants. Maintenance of annual-grown mums consists of simply watering during dry spells and basic plant care.