When to Plant Strawberries in Mississippi?

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Mississippi strawberries are juicy, tasty and can be grown indoors and outdoors.

The best time of year to plant strawberries in Mississippi depends largely on the weather. If you're willing to start the plants indoors, you'll have a little more flexibility with the timing.


Outdoor Home Gardens

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Plant strawberries outdoors in Mississippi after all signs of frost to enjoy an early spring harvest. Seedlings from plants sown indoors or purchased from a nursery are typically planted from March through May.

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Outdoor Container Plants

Start outdoor container plantings from seed or seedlings when the nighttime temperatures no longer fall below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Place the container in a location that will receive as much full daytime sun as possible and keep the container well watered.


Indoor Container Plants

You can grow strawberries indoors in pots and plant the seeds or seedlings whenever you wish. Just keep the soil moist and eliminate exposure to temperatures below freezing. Locate the pot in a spot that will receive full sun throughout the day.


Commercial Growers

Commercial growers plant in the spring to harvest strawberries for sale in the late summer and early fall months and then again in late summer and early fall months to meet demand for fresh strawberries in the spring.



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