Makita LCT Vs. LXT

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The Makita company makes a variety of cordless power tools.
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Makita offers two different lines of portable, rechargeable cordless power tools. While the tools appear similar, there are two major differences between the company's models. The LXT tools come in a broader range of tool types than the LCT line. And the LXT tools have a battery that's 50 percent more powerful than the battery that powers the LCT tool models.


LXT Line

Makita's LXT line consists of seven different portable cordless power tools, all powered by a detachable 18-volt, 3 ampere-hour, rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The LXT line includes a 1/4-inch impact driver drill, 1/2-inch hammer drive drill, 15/16-inch rotary hammer drill, 4.5-inch angle grinder, reciprocating saw, jig saw and 6.5-inch circular saw. The battery that comes with the power tool kit can be installed in any of the LXT tools.


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LCT Tools

The Makita LCT portable cordless power tool lineup includes three drills and two saws, all powered by a detachable 12-volt, 1.3 ampere-hour, lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The LCT cordless tool lineup includes a 3/8 inch driver drill, 1/4-inch impact driver drill, 1/4-inch hex driver drill, a 3 and 3/8-inch circular saw and a reciprocating saw. Makita also includes in the LCT lineup an 18-volt, 1/4-inch impact driver drill and 1/2-inch hammer drive drill from the LXT tool line as a two-piece combination set in a tool case.



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