What Is Irish Sausage?

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Ireland is known for serving up big, hearty breakfasts and sausage is a key component of the Irish version of the most important meal of the day. Irish sausage has a crisp, delicate texture and a distinctive herbal flavor. While they may be traditionally part of breakfast, you can also eat them at lunch or dinner.


Incredible Irish Sausages

Irish sausages are typically made with ground pork, though they are sometimes made with a ground pork and beef mixture. The inclusion of raw eggs and breadcrumbs sets Irish sausages apart from others. Breadcrumbs, or rusk, which is twice-baked bread pounded finely into crumbs, add a subtle crispness to Irish sausages while raw, beaten eggs contribute a silkiness that helps with cohesion. Pungent herbs, including thyme, rosemary, marjoram and garlic intermingle to create a flavor that is distinctly savory, with hints of earthy sweetness. Though Irish sausages are typically encased and formed into links, you can skip this step and form them into patties if you are making them yourself.

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