How Much Sun for Gerber Daisies?

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With adequate sunlight, Gerber daisies will flourish.

As a member of the sunflower family, it's no wonder that the Gerber daisy loves sunlight. Native to South Africa, over 30 varieties of natural Gerber daisies exist. Some hybridized versions do well with less light, however.


Outdoor Planting

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Gerber daisies are typically considered annuals in most growing zones, because they will die out if it is either too hot or too cold. Gerber daisies like mild temperatures that are between 40 and 70 degrees; they can come back year after year if ideal conditions are present. When planted outside, place them somewhere that they will receive full sun.

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Indoor Planting

Many people choose to leave their Gerber daisies as potted plants, so that they can easily bring the plants indoors for the winter. If you choose to bring your gerber daisy plant indoors, be sure to place it in a window, where it will receive abundant natural light. Some growers have also found success by supplementing the natural light with artificial light.


Special Considerations

Gerber daisies do not like to be too cold or too hot. If your area's average temperatures get below 59 degrees or above 75 degrees regularly, plant your gerbers in a place where they will get partial shade throughout the day. This helps mitigate the shift in temperature for the plant.



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