Can You Have a Shower With a Whirlpool Tub?

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Many people settle for only the best when it comes to their showers.

For some, having the ultimate in relaxation is a necessity. One great form of relaxation is a whirlpool tub but not all bathrooms have room for a bathtub and separate shower.


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A whirlpool tub is clinically proven to relax muscles by penetrating them, using jets and air in combination. These jets are strategically placed to target pressure points throughout the body. Modern tubs combine the use of air to give the user an even more relaxing experience.


Whirlpool tubs are stand-alone systems usually found in the same bathroom as a shower. If your bathroom has insufficient space for two separate systems, combining the two is possible.



A shower within a whirlpool tub must have plumbing that allows water to flow to the shower head within the walls. It is best to do this when the house is built but you can add the plumbing later.