How Much Sun Does a Basil Plant Need?

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Basil grows best in full sunlight.

Basil is a popular herb for a variety of cooking applications, including salads, tomato-based sauces and pesto. Easy to grow, basil is versatile enough to thrive in indoor or outdoor kitchen gardens.


Growing Conditions

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Basil can be grown indoors in pots or in an outdoor garden and requires six to eight hours of sunlight each day. Soil should be well-drained and watered deeply on a weekly basis.

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Basil is an annual herb, meaning that it has a finite growing season, beginning when seeds are planted in early spring to when the plant flowers in late summer The plant will die at the end of that season, but indoor growing can extend the season slightly and indoor temperatures allow for year-round growth.


Basil plants produce more when harvested often. Harvest leaves by pruning away full stems. Basil leaves have the best flavor when used fresh, but leaves can be dried or frozen for long-term storage.