Milky Spore for Moles

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Moles can do extensive damage to a lawn or garden. Grubs are a primary food source for moles and one of the factors that attract moles to your yard. The best way to get rid of a mole humanely is by controlling or eliminating the Japanese beetle grub population. Milky Spore is one way to eliminate grubs.



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According to Home, Milky Spore is a natural bacteria that infects grubs with Milky Spore Disease.

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Milky Spore Disease paralyzes and kills the grubs, and as the dead grubs decay, their bodies release millions of Milky Spores to infect other grubs in the area.


According to Planet, Milky Spore is a safe, organic way to eliminate moles, because it only works on the grubs and doesn't infect people, pets or even the moles. It just deprives moles of a major food source.



Moles can also survive on earthworms and other insects, so eliminating grubs with Milky Spore might not completely rid you of a mole infestation.

Time Frame

Home states it takes Milky Spore up to 21 days to work, so you could get rid of a mole problem within a month of using the bacteria. It may require up to three years of use to achieve optimal management of grubs.



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