Can Coffee Pods Be Used in a Regular Coffee Maker?

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Coffee pods have become more and more popular in the kitchen and the office break room. Coffee pod makers have created machines that are small, quick to use and easy to clean up. But if your coffee pod machine breaks down on you, how do you make coffee with just the pods? If you have a regular coffee machine it is possible to use your pods to make a cup of coffee.


Coffee Pod Size

The most common and used coffee pod is 62mm in size. The pod will hold 8 to 10 grams of ground coffee beans.

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Coffee Cup Size

A cup of coffee is defined as 6 ounces of water before brewing.


Coffee Grinds

10 grams of coffee grinds are needed to produce a cup of coffee.

Coffee cup perfected

One coffee pod, at 62mm in size, will produce one cup of coffee.


Coffee Pod into Coffee Maker

Peel the lid of the coffee pod and pour grinds into a coffee filter. Set filter with grinds into coffee maker.

44mm Pod Size

The 44mm pods hold about 7 grams of coffee grinds. For a cup of coffee, use a full pod plus a quarter of a second pod.



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