Composite Vs. Acrylic Sinks

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Many different materials are used to construct sinks, and choosing the right one to complement a home is more difficult than ever. Composite and acrylic sinks have both become very popular and can give a home a very distinct feel.


Acrylic sinks are made from types of plastic, while composite sinks are made by combining natural minerals with a small portion of polyresin or acrylic material.


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Both acrylic and composite sinks are very durable, but acrylic sinks can begin to melt if exposed to extreme temperatures, making them a questionable kitchen choice.


Acrylic sinks often feature a matte finish, while composite sinks resemble the natural mineral they are primarily composed of, such as granite or quartz.


Both acrylic and composite sinks are more expensive than other options, such as stainless steel and ceramic sinks, but they are very durable and stylish.


Acrylic sinks can be fashioned to take on any color, but this color can fade over time. Composite sinks are colored throughout to avoid a loss in color.



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