Christian Birthday Party Ideas

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It is easy to find birthday party ideas based on popular children's characters, but some Christian parents may want to throw a party that teaches their child about Christian themes, stories and characters.

Noah's Ark

The tale of Noah's Ark is a well-known story. Consider having a Noah's Ark theme, where children dress up like animals or bring their favorite stuffed animals.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt with items that have some kind of Christian symbolism, such as a dove, cross, boat or lion, is a fun way to spend time at a Christian birthday party.

Party Supplies

Christian-themed napkins, cups and plates can be purchased at specialty websites such as

Board Games

There are many board games that have a Biblical version, such as Scattergories, Guesstures, Monopoly and Outburst.

Bible Characters

A good way to teach kids about the characters of the Bible is to have adults dress up like different people and tell the children the related Bible stories.


Christian Children Films

For entertainment at a Christian birthday party, there are many Christian children's movies that the young guests can watch, such as "VeggieTales," "Boz" and "Bibleman" series, or if the children like singing, the "Shout Praises Kids" DVDs are great.