Types of Carbonated Drinks

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Carbonated drinks are light, sweet water-based drinks that have carbon dioxide added to make them bubbly or fizzy. Milk can actually be carbonated too, but nobody would buy it.


Many people begin to drink carbonated beverages in childhood with a first sip of Coke, Sprite or Dr Pepper at a birthday party.


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Although the ventures didn't succeed, Starbucks tried to introduce a carbonated coffee beverage called Mazagran and Coke attempted the same thing with Kona.


Carbonated water (also known as sparkling water, fizzy water and seltzer) is popular among weight-conscious or other people who want to avoid sugar sodas. It is available plain and in a variety of light flavors, like lemon, raspberry and vanilla.

Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wine—or champagne, depending on where the beverage was produced—is the drink of choice for celebrations and also pairs well with light dishes like fish or chicken.

Energy Drinks

Enviga, Red Bull, Jolt and Monster are carbonated drinks that have stimulants that help energize.



You can buy juice that has carbonation but check their nutrition labels to see how healthy they are. One example is the Nantucket Nectars line of lightly carbonated juices called Nectar Fizz.


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