Information on Wool Fabrics

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Information on Wool Fabrics

Wool fabric is woven from the yarn made from the hair of animals, such as sheep. Environmentally friendly, wool is an organic fabric that has been used for clothing and blankets for thousands of years.



Wool fabric is used to make clothing that is warm and well insulated. It is usually used to make outdoor clothing but is also used to make blankets, socks and fine clothing.

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Types of Fibers

Sheep are the number one source of wool, but there are many types that derive from the hair of other animals. Alpaca, mohair, angora, camel, cashmere and vicuna are all separate types of wool.


Types of Fabric

Woolen fabric is woven from wool yarn made from the shorter wool fibers that have not been combed to lie flat.Worsted fabric is woven from wool yarn made from the longer fibers, and is combed to lie flat and smooth.



Wool fabrics are natural insulators that keep you much warmer than other fabrics, breathe well, is mildew and mold resistant and waterproof to some extent.

Environmental Benefits

Wool is a natural fiber that is both renewable and sustainable.



Wool fabric is notoriously prone to shrinkage. One way to avoid this is to dry your wool fabrics in a cool place and lay them flat. Blocking, or restretching, the fabric while it is still wet is also needed.


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