Different Types of Denim Fabric

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Denim clothing never goes out of style. It's attractive and durable, perfect for most casual occasions. Denim is most common as the fabric in jeans, but is also used for shirts, jackets, skirts, dresses, hats, handbags and more. Several different types of denim fabric are available depending on the function and look people are after.


Cotton Serge

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The traditional denim is 100 percent cotton serge. Additionally, denim is often blended with other fabrics.

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Raw Denim

Raw denim is dark, unwashed fabric that is stiff and very durable. It fades with wear in certain areas, creating a natural distressed look. It also fades with washing.

Selvage Denim

The premium type of raw denim fabric is selvage denim, with tight weaving and natural edges that will not unravel. Selvage denim is more expensive than other raw denim.

Stretch Denim

The blend closest to pure denim is called stretch denim, which usually includes 2 or 3 percent Spandex material for a bit of give in the fabric.



Poly-denim blends look like a dressier denim, and are more lightweight, which makes them more convenient to wash and dry. They also are more resistant to wrinkling.


Denim is also sometimes blended with the plant fiber ramie, which reduces wrinkling and gives the fabric a softer feel.


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