Dyson Warranty Information

Buying a vacuum cleaner isn't as large a purchase as a car or vehicle, but getting a good unit can be costly. A good warranty can be a factor in your purchase decision. If you are considering getting a Dyson, you should understand the terms and conditions of the warranty before buying. If you've already bought a Dyson, make sure you follow the rules to keep your vacuum cleaner covered by the warranty.

Since the Dyson warranty probably influenced your purchase decision, you should understand the limitations.

General Warranty Information

Dyson vacuum cleaners have warranties that are generally better than the competition. The company recommends that you check your documentation with your vacuum (most likely in case the terms change), but there are some rules of thumb that should apply. Unless indicated otherwise in the paperwork, any Dyson vacuum cleaner purchased new (there are limitations on that to follow) has a five-year warranty. Refurbished models are sold with a six-month warranty.

Point of Purchase Considerations

Make sure the purchase is made at an authorized Dyson dealer. In general, if it's coming from a big store, you can be fairly sure it is authorized to sell the vacuum. Private parties, though, are probably not. Dyson makes it clear that the company will not honor warranties on vacuums purchased from an unauthorized dealer. So saving a few dollars at a flea market could cost you the warranty.

Proper Parts and Accessories

If you need to buy parts for your Dyson vacuum cleaner, get authentic Dyson parts. This applies for add-on accessories, too. In addition, if you need any repair work done, take it to an authorized Dyson repair shop. Repairs done by unauthorized shops will void the warranty. Using parts that aren't authentic Dyson parts, or even accessories not specifically made for Dysons, will also negate your warranty.

Read Your Owner's Manual

Use of the vacuum in a way that's contrary to the methods described in the owner's manual can void the warranty. The same holds true of clearing a clog on your own. If you are careless in your usage (dropping it down the stairs, for instance), the damage won't be covered by your Dyson warranty. Damage caused by weather is not covered either, so keep it out of the rain.

Other Exclusions

Your Dyson vacuum cleaner is warrantied for standard domestic usage inside the boundaries of the United States. So using it outside the country will void the warranty. If you operate a cleaning business and use the vacuum for the performance of those services, the warranty will also be void. There is a specific exclusion for any equipment offered out as a rental unit, too.