ADA Guideline for Urinals

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The design and placement of urinals is part of the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The act is an effort to make facilities available to all individuals no matter what their abilities. The ADA requires all new public building construction to meet these regulations.


Urinal Design

ADA guidelines require the front lip of a wall mounted urinal to extend a minimum of 13 1/2 inches from the wall. Flush controls must be within 44 inches of the floor of the bathroom.

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Urinal Mounting

Mount the urinal so the top of the front lip of the urinal is at least 17 inches from the floor of the bathroom.


Stall Space

According to a website maintained by the Architecture School of Missouri State University, each urinal occupies its own partition for privacy. Stall size must include a 30 by 48 inch open space in front of the urinal. Stall partitions should include a space of no more than 12 inches from the floor and extend to a height of at least 60 inches. Partitions extend from the wall to a point at least 6 inches beyond the front of the urinal.

Number of Urinals

ADA requires that if any urinals are provided that at least one be compliant with ADA requirements.


Bathroom Compliance

ADA compliant urinals must be placed in ADA compliant bathrooms. This includes doors that do not open into the necessary floor space required for access to fixtures. The access routes and turning space required for fixtures within the bathroom can overlap. The bathroom must be in an area of the building that meets ADA accessibility requirements.