Alternatives to Microwave Ovens

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Whether you are concerned about the safety of microwave ovens or simply do not like them, figuring out how to live without one in the modern world can be a challenge. There are alternatives to microwave ovens, ranging from using your stovetop and oven to convection ovens and toaster ovens. You can not only get by, but thrive without microwave meals and microwave popcorn with more ease than you might expect. When choosing your microwave alternatives, keep in mind why you don't want a microwave, as well as practicality and efficiency.


Dangers of Microwave Ovens

While microwave ovens have been widespread for more than 25 years, there are still concerns regarding their use. Microwaves may cause changes to the nutritional and chemical composition of food, as suggested by Dr. Lita Lee in Lancet, December 9, 1989. A study by Drs. Hertel and Blanc published in the Journal Franz Weber in 1991 echoed similar findings. Microwave ovens were banned in the Soviet Union in 1976.


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If you have a small kitchen, a microwave oven can be a big investment in space, taking up a significant chunk of your available countertop. Opting for microwave oven alternatives can allow you to use this space for other food prep needs and declutter your kitchen. Even if you keep your microwave on a separate table or cart, you may find that the space can be used to hold a slow cooker, provide additional work space or store other small appliances.



One of the common uses for the microwave in most homes is reheating leftovers. The microwave oven does offer a quick and easy way to reheat, however, reheating in the oven or on the stovetop is not difficult. You may want to consider using oven safe pyrex dish for your leftovers to make it easier to reheat foods conveniently. A toaster oven or convection oven can also be used to reheat leftovers quickly and conveniently. Many instant frozen meals can be heated in the oven or on the stove as well, and may taste substantially better for it.


Boiling Water

Microwaves are often relied upon to heat water for instant cereals, noodles, coffee, tea or hot chocolate. An electric or stovetop kettle provides a convenient alternative. Water coolers also include a hot tap, or you can have instant hot water installed at your kitchen sink rather easily. These alternatives to microwave ovens offer quick and easy access to hot water with minimal effort.



Microwave popcorn is almost an institution of our time. Toss the bag in the microwave and in about three minutes, you have popcorn ready to eat. Granted, alternatives to microwave ovens when it comes to popcorn are less convenient. You can purchase Jiffy Pop stovetop popcorn, use a stovetop or air popping popcorn machine or simply opt to pop your popcorn on the stove in a large pot with a lid.



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