What Is the Purpose of a Class Reunion?

High school is often called the greatest time of your life. High school is full of fun activities like sports, dances, dating and learning to drive. But high school is over quickly, and you're out in the world full of responsibilities. Class reunions are a great way to relive the high points of your teenage years and reconnect with old friends.

Rekindling Old Friendships

If it's been 10 years since you graduated from high school, you've probably lost touch with a lot of your old friends. A reunion is a perfect way to rekindle those old friendships and check how your friends' lives have been progressing. Have they married, landed dream jobs, had children, bought their own house? Maybe they know people who aren't attending the reunion that you'd like to hear about. Attending your class reunion will help reunite you with people you'd like to see again.

Revisiting Old Memories

High school is a time of many great--or not-so-great--memories. At a reunion you can reminisce about the sports, the dances and the silly, irrelevant drama of high school with the people who experienced them with you. Celebrate your triumphs and struggles together.

Showing Off

If you have a great spouse, a good job and cute kids you'll want to boast--just a little--about them. Getting together for a high school reunion is the perfect way to show off what you've achieved. Don't do it in an irritating way, though, and be sure to compliment your old friends on what they've achieved, too. It's quite likely everybody else will be trying to show off a little bit too. Don't be the one who makes it an annoying competition.

Visiting Your Home Town

Many grads go to college far away and settle down some distance from their hometowns. A reunion can be an excellent way to revisit the place you grew up and see how it has changed. Check out the new stores and restaurants. Find out which friends still live there. Visiting people who stayed behind can be an enlightening experience.

Visiting Your Family

If you haven't seen your family in a while, visit them. Spend a weekend or a week. Even if you can stay only an afternoon, have lunch together. They might enjoy recalling some of your high school antics with you.