The Prettiest Paper Flowers of TikTok

Skip the grocery store bouquets and make your own with these beautiful paper flower tutorials from TikTok crafters.

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Image Credit: TikTok/@penandpinkvintage and TikTok/

Have you ever admired paper flowers but thought they might be a little too intimidating to make yourself? Think again! Some of our favorite TikTok DIYers have proven that you don't need top-tier origami or design skills to craft spectacular paper flowers. Whether you're working on a sweet bouquet to dress up your dining room table, looking for beginner-friendly crafts or seeking a creative use for all that construction paper you've accumulated over the years, these three paper flower tutorials will bring a splash of joy to your day.


1. Crepe Paper Carnations

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Our first paper flower tutorial comes from crafter, who makes the most wonderful (and impressively realistic) carnations out of crepe paper. She works with green and magenta paper for this DIY bouquet, which calls for nothing more than scissors, a bit of glue, sticks to build "stems" and green tape. There's something absolutely mesmerizing about watching the paper flowers come together, and we can only imagine how relaxing it would be to work on these ourselves!


2. Frayed-Edge Daisies

Next up, TikToker shows off a beginner-friendly tutorial for creating colorful paper flowers with frayed edges. You'll need a bit of patience to pull off these flowers, as they require quite a bit of cutting and folding, but the technique is straightforward, and the results are eye-catching not to mention vibrant! These would make a fun project to tackle with the whole family on a cozy, crafty day.


3. Recycled Paper Bouquet

Last but not least, @penandpinkvintage on TikTok provides a tutorial for making roses out of old novels, music pages and maps. While there are a lot of steps to this tutorial (so you'll want to set aside some time to build a repurposed bouquet for yourself), it's easy to follow, and the resulting flowers are simultaneously vintage-inspired and totally fresh. We love that while the shapes of the roses are realistic, the patterns and colors add artistic flair.


The next time you want to buy or gift a bouquet of flowers, why not try making one instead? Pick up some pretty paper, plant yourself at the crafting table and see what blooms!