Hang Up Christmas Stockings With These Convenient Stocking Holders

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Hanging Christmas stockings is one of the most cherished traditions of the holiday season. Not only do Christmas stockings look festive, they also mean more gifts and goodies! A Christmas stocking's main job is to hold all the small gifts that aren't quite important enough to be full blown Christmas gifts, like small toys, candy, socks, a new toothbrush and other random tchotchkes. Aside from holding gifts, a stocking also adds to the holiday decor in your living room. But you can't hang a Christmas stocking without a Christmas stocking holder.


What to Consider Before Purchasing a Christmas Stocking Holder

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Christmas stocking holders typically consist of hooks attached to a weighted object or larger hook that sits on the mantle, bookshelf, staircase railing or other shelving unit. Stocking holders are available in a variety of shapes and designs, including reindeer, snowflakes, Santa and other Christmas symbols, as well as holiday-inspired words. There are even holders than can be personalized with the names of your family members and pets. You can go for decorative holders to add to your Christmas decor or opt for something simpler, like a basic hook.

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Before purchasing a stocking holder, it's important to make sure it's sturdy and has a recommended weight capacity that works for your family's stockings and the weight of the gifts that typically end up inside. Some can hold up to 10 pounds or more, while others may only be able to safely hold 2 pounds worth of Christmas goodies.


Check out our list of the best Christmas stocking holders of 2022 below.

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1. Industrial Farm Co Christmas Stocking Holder

$37.00 - $45.00 at Etsy


This modern, rustic steel plate mounted hook is a great way to hang your stockings on a mantel. The handmade hook is welded to a 4-inch by 4-inch steel plate made from locally sourced steel. It's available in five finishes: raw metal, powder coat flat black, copper powder coat, gold powder coat or silver powder coat. The price is for one hook and fluctuates depending on which finish you choose.


2. CALdangles Christmas Stocking Hooks

$4.49 - $10.00 at Etsy


If you want to add some uniqueness to your Christmas decorations, these hooks are the ones to do it. These handmade metal hooks can hold between 3 and 4 pounds of stocking stuffers. Made of 100% copper, the materials were hand-forged and textured. The options are to buy the stocking holder by itself, the stocking holder and name tag combo, or just a blank copper name tag.



3. Season 4 Sparkles Christmas Stocking Holders, Set of 4

$45.77 at Bed Bath & Beyond


If your mantel could use some holiday cheer, try this set of four stocking holders. Included is a snowman, snowflake, Christmas tree and a reindeer stocking holder. Made of heavy metal with antique bronze color, this stocking holder set can hold up to two pounds each.

4. Iconikal Snowflake Stocking Holders, Set of 4

$29.99 at Amazon

If it isn't snowing where you are during the holidays, you can live vicariously through these snowflake stocking holders. Built to withstand 2 pounds of weight, these weighted metal stocking hangers will hang onto your family's stockings without tipping over.

5. Zysun Christmas Stocking Holders, Set of 4

$12.99 at Amazon


They aren't weighted, but the shape of these gold hooks allow them to hold up to 10 pounds of stocking stuffers each. The metal hooks have pieces of rubber strips attached to the inside on both the top and bottom to keep them from slipping. One perk of buying simple hooks like these is that they aren't too cumbersome to store after the holidays. They work well on a mantel or a staircase.

6. Glitzhome Marquee LED Christmas Stocking Holders, Set of 2

$26.09 - $42.74 at Overstock

Brighten up your home decor every holiday season with these rustic light-up Glitzhome stocking holders. They're made of MDF and iron, and they feature a distressed silver finish along with long-lasting LED lights. Choose from a single star or Christmas tree, or select the two-pack of trees, stars, gift boxes or a set that comes with a Christmas tree and a star.

7. Glitzhome Gnomes Stocking Holder, Set of 3

$44.99 at Home Depot

Glitzhome makes the most adorable Christmas stocking holders, and these gnomes are gnome exception. These figurines sit atop sturdy metal bases with attached hooks to hold your knit Christmas stockings (or stockings made from any material) with lightweight stocking stuffers inside.


8. Glitzhome Car and Truck Christmas Stocking Holders, Set of 2

$62.99 at JCPenney

Once again, Glitzhome is "sleighing" the stocking holder game with these festive car and truck holiday stocking holders. Whether you have a kid who's obsessed with vehicles or you just enjoy stocking holders that look like they could also be Christmas ornaments, these cute hooks will add to your mantel decor. Made of wood and metal, the hooks can hold stockings full of lightweight stuffers.

9. BirdRock Home Freestanding Stocking Stand

$106.99 at Wayfair

Hanging stockings on your Christmas mantel is meant to be a fun activity, but if you don't have a mantel, it can be a bit frustrating trying to find a place for them. This freestanding stocking holder can solve that problem. The durable and heavy-duty iron stand with a black matte finish comes with five hooks for your Christmas stockings or other holiday decor. It can be placed on a table, shelving unit or even on the floor.

10. Balsam and Fir Stocking Holders, Set of 3

$29.99 at HomeGoods


Bring some joy into your home this holiday season with this stocking holder set. The "O" in Joy is shaped like a snowflake, because you know, winter. The metal plates are weighted to hold more gifts, but the exact amount of weight each hook can hold isn't listed.

11. PersonalizationMall Personalized Stocking Holder

$25.30 at Etsy

If your stockings aren't personalized with names, another way to do it is to personalize the stocking holders. These holders can include a monogram of your family member's name—up to 12 characters. Made of wood and cast iron, they are heavy enough to hold a good amount of gifts in each stocking. Choose from nine hand-drawn tree designs and select the color and font that speak to you the most. The holders are sold separately.

12. Bed Bath & Beyond Photo Personalized Stocking Holder

$28.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond

Bring out the nostalgia each year with these stocking holders that can hold photos of your kids, pet or any photo you want. Update the photo each year or look back at how little your kiddos were so many years ago. The base is made of cast iron, which is sturdy enough to support heavy-duty Christmas stocking stuffers.

13. Pottery Barn Merry Stocking Holders Set

$139.00 at Pottery Barn

Wish yourself a Merry Christmas year after year with Pottery Barn's "Merry" stocking holder set. The holders are made of aluminum with an antique finish. Ideal for a family of five or a smaller family with pets, each letter can hold up to 5.5 pounds of presents.

14. Metal & Marble Tree Multi Hook Stocking Holder

$105.00 at West Elm

We love the modern, minimalist look of this stocking holder. In this case, less is more. Perfect for a family of two, trees are attached to a weighted marble base with hooks to hold two stockings. Made of hand cast aluminum and steel in an antique brass finish, it's an easy way to hang stockings or even a wreath or two.

15. Lulu Decor Christmas Stocking Holders, Set of 2

$38.95 at Amazon

For a more rugged look on your Christmas mantel, try this set of two weighted cast iron bases with hooks and a thick rubber padded base. The stocking holders come in sets of two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight—plenty for large families or families with lots of pets who love a good stocking stuffer.


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