The Best Hangers for Accessories in 2022

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When it comes to organizing your closet, storage solutions for accessories like ties, belts, scarves and purses are often overlooked. But even small items can evolve into a big clutter problem if they're not properly put away. Investing in a few hangers designed for accessories can take your closet from chaotic to clean in minutes. These vertical storage solutions are especially helpful if you're short on closet space and don't have bookcases brimming with purses or an accessories island for all your jewelry. But before you whip out your credit card to purchase an accessory hanger, here are a few things to keep in mind.


What to Consider When Purchasing an Accessory Hanger

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Function:​ If you can wear it, there's probably a hanger for it. From baseball hats to sunglasses to knee-high boots, there are all types of ways to hang your stuff if you don't have the floor (or drawer) space. The good news is that many of these hangers are multipurpose, so you can use them to corral your belts and ties or necklaces and hair accessories.

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Mount Style:​ Not all accessory hangers and organizers mount the same way. Some have 360-degree swiveling hooks and look much like clothes hangers, while others have stationary hooks or brackets for attaching to a clothing rod. If you're opting for an accessory hanger that stores ties on both sides, for example, a swiveling hook might be more practical.


Materials:​ As with any product you shop for, the more durable the materials, the longer your accessory hanger is likely to last. If you're organizing a large collection of leather belts, a heavy-duty stainless steel hanger will probably hold up better than a cheap plastic version. A non-slip coating on the material might also be beneficial if you're storing silky items such as tights or scarves.


Image Credit: Daniela Duncan/Moment Open/GettyImages

The Best Accessory Hanger for Ties

Real Simple 20-Tie & Belt Hanger With Velvet Covering

$12.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond


Often when storing ties, we use the pant bar of a clothes hanger—but this can result in a tangled mess. That's where Real Simple's Velvet Tie and Belt hanger comes in handy. It takes up little to no room being 13 inches long and 5 inches wide. It can hold up to 20 items and is covered in velvet to prevent ties from falling off or fabric from snagging. While this is an excellent hanger for storing ties, we wouldn't recommend it for belts as the protruding 'fingers' are curved only slightly, so metal buckles slide off quite easily.


The Best Accessory Hanger for Purses

mDesign Metal Wire Over The Closet Rod Hanging Storage Organizer, 2-Pack

$14.99 at Amazon



If you lack shelves for displaying your purses, mDesign's hanger will help you store them vertically. Crafted from alloy steel, it's solid enough to hold purses, backpacks, tote bags, fanny packs and more. Each hanger has six wide hooks that curve gently as to not leave creases in the purses' shoulder straps or handles. There also aren't any rough edges so the hangers won't scratch or snag on fabric. Although it's a compact solution at 4.5 inches long, 3.25 inches wide and 17.88 inches high, if you don't want it to occupy a lot of space in your closet, the hanger is better suited for small bags rather than bulky ones.


The Best Accessory Hanger for Belts

Richards Homewares Belt Hanger Rack

$16.99 at Amazon

This elegant hardwood hanger in a dark walnut finish can hold 12 or more belts. There are snag-free, chrome-plated hooks on both sides, which are wide enough to prevent belts from getting tangled. The 360-degree swivel hook that attaches to a clothing rod also makes it easy to grab what you need. The hanger is sturdy and well-made, measuring 15.8 inches long and 7.1 inches high, including the hook. It's a great solution for wide belts but not ideal for thin belts with smaller buckles. Beyond belts, it could be used for tank tops, face masks, bras and more.

The Best Accessory Hanger for Scarves

DOIOWN Scarf Hangers

$14.59 at Amazon


Whether you own a great number of scarves, leggings, ties or tights, this two-pack of hangers will organize them with ease. Each hanger features 28 rings that are wrapped with a jute-like material to keep items in place and prevent fabric from snagging. The hangers also fold up and store flat when not in use. The metal hooks swivel so you can access scarves from either side. It's suitable for bulky items like pashminas or workout leggings and can hold a considerable amount of weight. The overall dimensions are 15 inches long and 24 inches high.

The Best Accessory Hanger for Hats

PackHat USA XL Cap Organizer Hanger

$14.95 at Amazon

While a hanger isn't included with this organizer, it will fit onto any standard-length clothes hanger. The neoprene organizer secures with velcro and touts nine rubberized stainless steel clips that open up to 0.75 inches. The clips are easy to open and won't leave indents on your favorite baseball hat or pompom-topped beanie. In fact, if you hang baseball or snapback hats by their brims, you can hang up to 18 hats from the organizer. The dimensions are 12.5 inches long and 5 inches high.

The Best Accessory Hanger for Jewelry

LNKOO Hanging Jewelry Organizer

$15.88 at Walmart


This double-sided jewelry organizer attaches to a standard-size clothing hanger with snap fasteners. The front boasts 40 clear plastic pouches for storing earrings, bracelets, rings, watches, hair accessories and more. The back has three rows of loops for hanging necklaces, which are widely spaced to prevent tangling. It's made of premium, non-woven and PVC material that's waterproof and easy to wipe clean. When not in use, the jewelry organizer can be folded or rolled up for storage. It measures approximately 17.7 inches long and 33.5 inches high.

The Best Accessory Hanger for Miscellaneous Items

Umbra Stash Organizer

$9.99 at The Container Store

Whether you want to keep your hat, gloves and scarf alongside your winter coat or plan tomorrow's outfit down to the last detail, the Umbra Stash Organizer has you covered. With its slim profile and three see-through mesh pockets, it fits into any closet with ease. There are two small pockets for things like sunglasses and watches, and one larger pocket with a reach-in opening for scarves, shoes and more. You can slip the organizer over any standard-size hanger and even layer a jacket over it if need be.