10 Fall Wreaths to Buy or DIY

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Fall is here, and that means it's time to decorate your front porch with love for the autumn season. If you're ready to dive into fall "porchscaping," a wreath for your front door is the perfect place to start. Whether it's the warm shades of red, orange, yellow and brown you love, or the little rustic touches like real dried wheat or corn, there are many elements that make a wreath well-suited to autumn. But when you want the right wreath, the question is: to buy or DIY?


If you like a hands-on project, we've selected five DIY fall wreaths you'll be dying to make. But, if you're short on time, we've also picked five fantastic pre-made wreaths that are ready to hang up. Easy peasy!

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DIY Fall Wreaths

If you're a DIY-er at heart and can't bear to hang up something simply store-bought, these DIY wreath ideas are for you. Most of them don't require many materials, and some even come as kits that provide everything you need (minus a hot glue gun). You'll impress your friends and family when they learn you put them together yourself!

1. DIY Flint Corn Autumn Wreath

Miniature Ornamental Indian Corn – $11.00 - $42.00 on Etsy

14" Wire Wreath Frame (2 Pack) – $10.99 on Amazon


This gorgeous and unique corn wreath (courtesy of Country Living) is easy to make once you get the right materials. All you'll need is a wire wreath frame, small or medium-sized dried Indian corn with husks (also known as flint corn) and a hot glue gun.

Arrange 20 to 24 ears of corn with the tops pointing outward (they should measure around 4 to 5 inches long, not including the husks) around the wire frame. If you're using your own dried corn, remove half of the husk from each ear of corn. If you're using decorative ears of corn with the husks attached, bend the husks backward so the ears are resting on top. Use a hot glue gun to attach each ear of corn to the ring. If you notice a small gap when you're finished, you can easily hide this with a decorative ribbon.


2. DIY Pine Cone Fall Wreath

Natural Mini Pine Cones (150 Pieces) – $10.99 on Amazon



12" Wooden Craft Ring – $12.59 on Amazon

This is another unique fall wreath (check out this tutorial, courtesy of Thistlewood Farms) that only requires two basic materials (plus a hot glue gun). All you'll need is a large number of miniature pine cones (which you can buy in bulk) and a wooden craft ring around 12 to 15 inches in diameter. Glue the bottoms of the pine cones around the ring using a hot glue gun—gluing them right side up like this will give the wreath more depth. If you want, consider adding a burnt orange decorative ribbon as a finishing touch.


3. DIY Moss Fall Wreath Kit by NaturelyBox

$35.00 on Etsy


$40.00 on Etsy (with glue gun and glue)

This wreath kit by NaturelyBox on Etsy uses real, naturally preserved moss, flowers and ferns, for adding some greenery to your scenery. Each box comes with a 10-inch tree branch wreath frame and a generous assortment of dried flora. For just $5 more, you can also add a glue gun and glue sticks to your kit, meaning you really don't have to provide anything yourself!


Kit includes:

  • A 10-inch tree branch wreath frame
  • A variety of preserved moss, flowers and ferns
  • A hot glue gun and glue sticks (optional)

4. DIY Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice Wreath Kit by SmallTownGirlWreaths

$65.00 on Etsy


This wreath kit by SmallTownGirlWreaths on Etsy is a great choice for lovers of pumpkin spice. The kit comes with everything you need, including a variety of mesh fabric and ribbon, a wreath frame and a sign with pre-drilled holes. While the ribbon and mesh may vary at times due to availability, the seller promises to match the product to the photo as closely as possible. The seller also provides a video tutorial link on her YouTube page. We love the splashes of turquoise that balance out the more traditional fall hues of orange and red. The completed wreath is approximately 24 inches in diameter.

Kit includes:

  • 3 or more types of 10-inch mesh, cut to size
  • 8 types of themed wire ribbon, cut to size
  • Metal wreath sign with pre-drilled holes
  • Wreath frame

5. HAKACC DIY Fall Wreath Kit

$18.99 on Amazon

This wreath kit by HAKACC features many staples of autumn, including miniature pumpkins, berries and colorful leaves (all faux). The only other thing you'll need is a hot glue gun or heavy-duty glue stick. There aren't specific instructions included so you can arrange the decorative pieces (over 100) any way you like. The finished wreath will measure approximately 15 to 16 inches in diameter.

Kit includes:

  • 1 grape vine wreath frame (15 inches)
  • 1 roll of fall-style linen ribbon (2 1/2 inches wide)
  • 100 faux maple leaves
  • 5 small faux pumpkins
  • 3 faux sunflowers
  • 20 pieces of faux red berries
  • 1 bunch of mini faux berries
  • 1 bunch of yellow faux berries
  • 1 bunch of orange faux berries
  • 100 iron wires (for sticking and tying)


Pre-Made Fall Wreaths

If you're leaning more towards "buy" than DIY, you can't go wrong with any of these pre-made wreaths. Featuring unexpected colors, features, patterns or materials, if you lack the time to make your own wreath, these wreaths will fill that spot on your door or wall quite handsomely.

1. 22-Inch Autumn Harvest Mixed Heather and Grapevine Wreath

$49.99 at Michaels

We can't get over the colors in this wreath, featuring bursts of unexpected magenta along with more traditional fall tones. Made of a real grapevine, as well as plastic, polyester and foam, this beautifully arranged wreath measures 22 inches in diameter. This wreath would look right at home above a fireplace mantel or as a fall-forward statement on your front door.

2. 16-Inch Light Dried Decorative Fall Wreath

$78.99 at Wayfair

This wreath features 20 LED lights embedded among the faux dried berry branches it's made from. The lights require two AA batteries (not included) and the wreath measures 16 inches in diameter. Imagine how enchanting it would look at dusk!


3. 18-Inch or 20-Inch Dried Fall Wheat Wreath

$60.00 on Etsy (18 inches)

$85.00 on Etsy (22 inches)

DeLaTerreNaturals on Etsy handcrafts each of these rustic wreaths at a studio in California using real dried wheat harvested in Arizona. Measuring 18 or 22inches in diameter, it would be a great complement to your rustic farmhouse decor. While you can hang the wreath indoors or outdoors, the seller notes that keeping it indoors will help preserve the delicate natural materials for a considerably longer time. Another tip to make the wreath last longer is to spray it with some hair spray.

4. Bloom Room Fall 22-Inch Corn Husk Wreath

$19.99 at JOANN

This rustic wreath conjures images of cheery fall harvests on the farm. Made from real dried corn husks, it measures 22 inches in diameter, ideal for wide front doors or exterior walls.

5. Glizhome 18.5-Inch Fall Plaid Fabric Wreath

$87.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond

Plaid is rad! If you're a fan of this classic fall pattern, then this stunning wreath is for you. Made from a mix of burlap and harvest-tone plaid fabric ribbons, it measures 28 1/2 inches in diameter. Featuring fall-friendly yellows and oranges, plus reds and whites that evoke Christmas, the wreath looks like it's straddling autumn and the holiday season, so it wouldn't look out of place during either.


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