10 Incredible Bed Hacks to Try

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There's a real satisfaction to be had from a well-made, nice-looking bed. Unfortunately, getting to that stage sometimes feels like a lot of work, which is why some proudly consider the daily bed-making to be a badge of "adulting." You'll get full credit for the end result whether you put in the work or not, so we're pleased to inform you that there are a lot of hacks to help make it easier. Here are 10 of the best.


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1. Dry Perfectly Smooth Sheets On the Bed

Part of the reason an upscale hotel feels so luxurious is that the sheets on the beds are ​soooo​ smooth. It's perfectly possible to achieve that look yourself if you want to invest the time in ironing your sheets, but that's a lot of work (and how many people even have an ironing board anymore?). An easier option is to pull a freshly washed sheet from the dryer while it's still a bit damp and spread it out over your bed. Tug it into place, smooth it with your palms so it's perfectly flat and leave it to dry for a few hours. It will be utterly wrinkle-free without the effort.

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Perfectly smooth sheets give the bed an air of elegance.
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2. Store Spare Sheets Under the Mattress

Are you short on closet space for your linens? Are you tired of tucking your spare bedding into corners of the laundry room or anywhere else it will fit? In that case, you'll love this hack. Once your sheets are clean and folded, tuck them underneath the mattress in a single layer. This is a win on multiple levels: It frees up extra space in your closet, it's a way to keep matched sets together and it puts the sheets ​exactly​ where you need them the next time you make the bed. How perfect is that?


Stop tucking spare sheets into odd spots and put them under your mattress instead.
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3. Package Up Full Sets of Bedding

If you do have plenty of closet space, finding storage for your bedding may be less of an issue than organizing your bedding ​in​ storage. If that's your problem, we have another high-efficiency hack to address it. When you've done your laundry and have your sheets and pillowcases folded, separate them into individual sets. Then, stack the sheets on top of each other and all but one of your pillowcases on top of those. Now, slide the whole stack into the last pillowcase and tuck the ends neatly underneath. The bundles will fit neatly on your shelf, and each one gives you a full set of bedding with no fuss and no searching.


It's easy for your bedding to become disorganized in the linen closet.
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4. Do Multiple Fitted Sheets at Once

Fitted sheets are a convenience once they're actually on your bed since they don't pull out as easily as flat sheets, but actually coaxing them onto your bed can be a real struggle, especially if you have to contend with walls, nightstands or other obstructions. So, here's a thought: Once you've wrestled that first one in place, why not stretch another one or two on top of it while you're there? When it's time to change the bed, just remove the fitted sheet from the top and reveal a clean one underneath. The same trick works with pillowcases and duvet covers as well.



Fitting the fitted sheet can be awkward, especially if there are obstructions nearby.
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5. Skip the Top Sheet

Here's another labor-saving "what if" for you to ponder: What if you skipped the top sheet entirely? Think about this for a moment. A good duvet is both light enough and warm enough to serve for most of the year, and you can choose duvet covers that are just as soft and smooth as sheets. So, why use the sheet? It saves you a step every time you make the bed, which in turn saves you a lot of time over the course of a year. Also, you'll wash fewer sheets, which saves money and energy. You'll still need to wash the duvet covers, but that would have happened anyway, so you're still ahead of the game.


With a nice duvet and selection of covers, you can skip the top sheet entirely.
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6. Use the "Reach In" Method With Pillows

Oversized, fluffy pillows are absolutely the best for sleeping and absolutely the worst for coaxing into a pillowcase. Forget trying to force that big heap of fluff into a pillowcase the traditional way because there's an easier method. Turn the pillowcase inside out and reach a hand into each bottom corner. Grab the pillow by its own corners and stand it on end. Then, roll the pillowcase down over the pillow so it's right-side out again. Wasn't that easy?


Want to get a pillow into its case the easy way?
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7. Use the "Burrito Method" With Your Duvet

There's a variation on the reach-in technique that works with your big, fluffy duvet. Start by turning your duvet cover inside out and laying it on your bed with the bottom at the foot (facing you) and the open end at the head of the bed. Lay your duvet on top and line them up neatly. If your duvet and duvet cover have straps or ties to attach to each other, use them. Otherwise, use safety pins to hold them together. Now, roll up the duvet tightly in its cover as if you were rolling a burrito. When you get to the top, pull the edge of the duvet cover over the top of the duvet. Unroll it toward the foot of the bed, and as you do, the cover will wrap itself neatly around the duvet. It's easier to do than to explain, and if you search "duvet burrito method," you'll find videos showing the process.



The "burrito method" makes it surprisingly easy to get the cover on a duvet.
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8. Mix Colors and Textures

There's a definite satisfaction in having your bed made neatly. There's even more in having a bed that looks well made up, or "decoratorish." There are lots of ways you can create that effect even if you're not especially artistic. One of the most effective is to find throw pillows or decorative pillowcases in colors that match (or complement) colors elsewhere in your bedroom and put those on your bed. Look for textures as well. Embroidery, embossed patterns or lacy accents on the pillows or your duvet cover all help create added appeal for your eyes and fingertips.

Colors and textures add visual (and tactile) interest to your bed.
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9. Accessorize Your Bed and Its Surroundings

Even your best "on the town" outfits don't measure up to their full potential without the right accessories, and the same goes for your bed. To really make it all it can be, you'll need to add a few things. One easy, versatile touch is a throw blanket at the foot of the bed in a complementary or contrasting color or perhaps interestingly textured. Fill in around the bed with wall art, hanging or potted plants and distinctive light fixtures or nightstands. If you have the room, a bench or storage chest at the foot of the bed can be a nice touch.

A few well-chosen accessories can really complete the picture.
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10. Make Your Bed Mobile

Sometimes, the hardest part of making your bed is just physically finding the space to get in and do it. It's especially difficult if your room is small or has odd corners and other furniture in the way. Our last hack is a bit more work than most, but it fixes that problem quite handily. Head over to your nearest hardware or building-supply store and buy a set of locking casters that will fit onto the legs of your bed. Once they're installed, you can lock them while the bed's in use but unlock them and roll the bed out of its tight spot when it's time to change the sheets or make the bed. It's not a solution for everyone, but it's really helpful if it works in your space.

Adding castors to your bed's legs, making it mobile, can be a real help.
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