10 Things You Can Actually Make With Pancake Mix (Besides Pancakes)

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Pancake mix is one of those modern conveniences that home chefs 100 years ago probably would have considered a miracle. When our great-grandparents wanted flapjacks, they didn't have the luxury of grabbing pre-measured dry ingredients. Today, pancake mix is good for a lot more than just making pancakes. From county-fair favorites to elegant French desserts, using pancake mix can help you cut corners without sacrificing flavor in any number of tasty recipes.


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1. Corn Dogs

What are you to do when you're craving fair food... but the fair isn't in town? Make your own versions at home, of course. Creating your own corn dogs is as simple as dipping skewered hot dogs in batter and deep frying them in oil. Using pancake mix to create your batter makes it even easier to recreate this summertime classic.

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2. Pizza Dough

Like cinnamon rolls, pizza crust is commonly made with a yeast dough. That won't work when you're trying to get something in the oven quickly. So the next time you need a last-minute crowd pleaser for dinner, try making personal pizzas with pancake mix dough. This kind of dough is perfectly suited for making breakfast pizzas.


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3. Crepes

Ooh, la la! Crepes in your kitchen? Oui, c'est possible! Whipping up batter using pancake mix is the easy part. Thinning the batter to the perfect consistency and mastering the art of the flip may take practice to perfect. Luckily, you'll enjoy eating your mistakes.


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4. Dumplings

A big batch of chicken and dumplings is comfort in a bowl. There can be a lot of work involved in creating this cold-weather staple. Cut corners by making your dumpling dough with pancake mix. No one will detect the subtle pancake flavor once these dumplings have been combined with tender vegetables, savory broth and juicy chicken.



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5. Muffins

Muffin mix and pancake mix are very similar in terms of ingredients, so it's no surprise that using pancake mix will yield a delicious batch of muffins. All it takes is adding milk, egg and some sweetener to the dry mix. Use maple syrup instead of sugar to highlight that familiar pancake flavor.


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6. Cinnamon Rolls

Can't decide between pancakes and cinnamon rolls for breakfast? Combine the two. Making cinnamon rolls from pancake mix won't create the dense, yeasty texture you get from traditional cinnamon rolls. But a dough made from pancake mix will still perfectly complement your gooey cinnamon filling and sugary glaze, so this is a great shortcut if you don't have time to make yeast rolls.


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7. Clafoutis

If you've never had clafoutis before, you might be surprised at how surprisingly simple it is to make. It's a classic French dessert that looks both rustic and elegant when prepared properly. Made of fruit (traditionally cherries) baked in batter, clafoutis can be prepared within minutes when you use pancake mix for the base of the batter. Sure, it's not the traditional French way, but it sure is easy.



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8. Scones

Know what's great about scones? Well, a lot; they're a beloved breakfast staple for good reason. But one of the best things about scones is that they can be doctored with sweet or savory add-ins. Make a batch with pancake mix and stir in grated cheese and bacon, or whatever fruit you have on hand.

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9. Corn Fritters

Okay, you've figured out your main course for dinner, but what's going to go on the side? Corn fritters are always a crowd pleaser. When made with canned or frozen corn and pancake mix, these savory little fritters can be whipped up in under 10 minutes. Enjoy them hot out of the pan.

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10. Mug Cake

Sometimes, you really just need cake. In those emergency must-have-cake moments, grab a big mug and a box of pancake mix. Use the mix as the basis for a single-serving mug cake. With this hack, cake doesn't have to be served as dessert; make a breakfast mug cake and drizzle with syrup.

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