DIY Seasonal Sensory Bottles

A great way to explore the seasons are DIY sensory bottles. Kids will really enjoy learning about the seasons and discovering something new each time they pick up a bottle, turn it upside down and shake it all around. With a few water bottles and supplies from your craft box you will be well on your way. Below are a few ideas to get you started. Try playing around with items that are familiar to you for Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall and see what you come up with!

Season Sensory Bottles (Image: Kalia Silva-Phillips)

Things You'll Need

  • (4) Smart water bottles (any clear water bottle will do)

  • Waterproof adhesive

  • Funnel

  • Extra fine white glitter

  • Snowflake confetti glitter

  • White sparkle pom poms

  • Artificial flower stems

  • White sand

  • Blue pebbles

  • 3-4 small sea shells

  • Drop of blue food coloring

  • Large yellow sparkle pom pom

  • Gold glitter

  • Foil metallic sequin confetti

  • Maple leaves

Sensory Bottle Supplies (Image: Kalia)
Sensory Bottle Supplies (Image: Kalia)
Sensory Bottle Supplies (Image: Kalia)
Sensory Bottle Supplies (Image: Kalia)

Step 1: Prep Bottles

Remove labels from water bottles. If there is sticky residue, apply rubbing alcohol with a cotton call to remove.

Step 2: Create Winter Sensory Bottle

To make a winter sensory bottle, first add the materials to an empty water bottle using a funnel. Snowflake confetti glitter helps to create the perfect winter effect & white iridescent glitter will make everything sparkle as it moves all around.

Winter Sensory Bottle (Image: Kalia)
Winter Sensory Bottle (Image: Kalia)

Then add a few white sparkle pom-poms for snow.

Winter Sensory Bottle (Image: Kalia)

Fill the bottle with water and seal the top with a waterproof adhesive. Enjoy your magical winter wonderland sensory bottle.

Winter Sensory Bottle (Image: Kalia)

Step 3: Create Spring Sensory Bottle

To make a spring sensory bottle, insert a few artificial flowers into empty water bottle. Use just a few stems in multiple spring colors as well as some tall greenery.

Spring Sensory Bottle (Image: Kalia)

Add water and seal bottle cap with a waterproof adhesive.

Sprin Sensory Bottle (Image: Kalia)
Spring Sensory Bottle (Image: Kalia Silva-Phillips)

Step 4: Create Summer Sensory Bottle

Fill an empty bottle with 2 inches of sand, then add a few colorful rocks and seashells.

Summer Sensory Bottles (Image: Kalia)
Summer Sensory Bottle (Image: Kalia)

Fill the bottle with water leaving half inch empty at the top. Add a drop of blue food coloring (or you can use the ink from a blue marker) to create an ocean effect. The more blue food coloring you use the darker your sensory bottle will be so start with a little and add more to suite your desired color.

Summer Sensory Bottles (Image: Kalia)

Lastly, add a large yellow sparkle pom pom to for the sun. Summer never looked this good in a bottle!

Summer Sensory Bottles (Image: Kalia)

Step 5: Create Fall Sensory Bottle

Fall is probably the easiest of all the seasons to create. Add some foil metallic sequin confetti and gold glitter to an empty water bottle. Don't use too much confetti or it will all clump together and fall to the bottom of the bottle.

Fall Sensory BOttle (Image: Kalia)
Fall Sensory BOttle (Image: Kalia)

Fill it with water and seal bottle cap with waterproof adhesive.

Fall Sensory BOttle (Image: Kalia)


When sealing all sensory bottles, make sure the area around the top of bottle and inside the cap are totally dry before applying your waterproof adhesive. Allow to dry overnight before putting your sensory bottle to use!

Season Sensory Bottles (Image: Kalia Silva-Phillips)