How to Clean Grease from Kitchen Cabinets with DIY Degreaser Spray

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It's easy to allow grease and dirt to build up on your kitchen cabinet doors since they're in the room that you cook in and get opened and closed constantly. Just wiping your cabinets down will most likely not remove caked-on grease, but this tutorial will show you how to clean grease from your kitchen cabinet doors with ease!

Image Credit: Jessica Kielman

Things You'll Need

  • 1 cup of water

  • 2 tablespoons of Castile soap

  • 10 drops of orange essential oil

Step 1: Make DIY Degreaser Spray

Mix ingredients well in a clean spray bottle and store for cleaning greasy kitchen cabinets or counter tops.

Step 2: Spray Kitchen Cabinets Liberally

Clean one cabinet at a time to keep clean up to a minimum. Spray each cabinet liberally with the DIY degreaser spray.

Image Credit: Jessica Kielman


To keep the mess from dripping all over your countertops or floors, place a towel underneath the cabinet you are cleaning at the time.

Step 3: Let Degreaser Sit

Depending on how thick or set-in the grease or dirt on your cabinets is, you may want to let the degreaser sit for a minute or two.

Image Credit: Jessica Kielman

Step 4: Wipe with a Clean Cloth


Do not use an abrasive sponge to clean your kitchen cabinets. They can scratch the wood or paint on your cabinet doors.

Image Credit: Jessica Kielman

Your kitchen cabinets should now be grease and dirt free with minimal work. It is recommended that you degrease your kitchen cabinets every 1-2 months to prevent them from getting worn and keep them looking like new!

Image Credit: Jessica Kielman