16 Awesome Decor DIYs to Upgrade a Kid's Bedroom

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Cute play kitchen for kids, before and after
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Whether it's about that time to transition your kid's bedroom from superheroes to something more sophisticated, or maybe you're just looking for a small weekend project that'll save you money while improving the fun-factor of their creative space, we've got some pretty awesome DIY ideas to surely satisfy that upgrade itch. Each project on our list is designed to promote imaginative thought for your kid, as well as please the eye. Click on to see all that you can create with a few inexpensive, easily attainable supplies and a vision.

Adorable DIY kids kitchen
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Before & After: Turn an Old Cabinet into a Kid's Kitchen

Okay, we might be bias, but this DIY is pretty genius. Learn how to transform an old, otherwise dumpster-destined cabinet into an awesome custom mini kitchen for kids.

Decorative herringbone wood letter D
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How to Make Decorative Herringbone Wood Letters

Admittedly, this decorative herringbone wood letter project is possibly more appealing to the Pinterest-minded parent than the kid who probably has no idea what herringbone is.

DIY JuJu inspired artwork hangs above a bedroom dresser
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Easy DIY JuJu Inspired Art Masterpiece

All you'll need for this one is a shadowbox frame, spray paint and feathers to re-create this sacred African headdress.

Good vibes only in this bedroom
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How to Create a Lightbox That's All About Good Vibes

Keep the good vibes rollin' and teach your kids the importance of a positive attitude all at once with our DIY lightbox tutorial.

A classroom globe transformed into a pendent light
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How to Make a Pendant Light Out of a Classroom Globe

Scour your local thrift store or teacher supply for the biggest globe you can find to make a one-of-a-kind pendant light, then you can poke tiny light holes at points of interest around the world to create a natural global curiosity.

Custom duvet cover
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How to Make a Duvet Cover

The fabric choice is key in order to make this DIY duvet cover something your kid will covet. What color, pattern or material will make them feel calm and promote feelings of well-being?

From cabinet to desk: before and after
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How to Build a Desk Out of Cabinets

Another stroke of DIY upcycling genius: We'll show you how to build a tricked out desk for kids geared toward their interests out of old cabinetry.

Side table lamp made from wooden shutters
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How to Make a Table Lamp From Shutters

This table lamp made out of wooden shutters is great if you've got a kiddo who's still learning how to sleep alone in a totally dark room. Simply adjust the shades to filter more or less light and consider a red bulb for restful sleep.

Home gallery made to display kids' art
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Easy-to-Make Home Gallery to Display Kids' Art

When there's no room left at the refrigerator and magnet gallery, create an alternative.

Bright, bold scarf framed in clear lucite
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DIY Lucite Framed Scarf

Once you get your hands on all of the supplies, this DIY lucite framed scarf project is super simple to complete and only takes a few steps for maximum design impact.

Cookie sheets transformed into memo boards
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Turn a Cookie Sheet Into a Memo Board

You'll feel great about upcycling those dingy old cookie sheets and your kid will love adding their creativity and hard work to these cool memo boards.

DIY pencil wreath
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Make a Pencil Wreath with This Easy DIY

Whether it's summer break or back-to-school season, your kid will love this bold pencil wreath with a chalkboard center in their homework room.

Headboard made from reclaimed shutters
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How to Make a Headboard Out of Old Shutters

Pottery Barn, who? Add a bold, upscale design element to your teen's bedroom with our easy headboard DIY made from reclaimed shutters.

Newly luxe nightstand before and after
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Give Your Nightstand a Luxe Look with This Easy Tutorial

Don't settle for that tired, old-looking furniture and instead give it new life with a coat of paint plus updated hardware. Your kid will love getting a say on what color it becomes and you'll love the quality time spent together.


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