15 Unbelievable DIY Furniture Makeovers to Transform Your Home

credit: Miaira Jennings Miaira Jennings
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credit: Miaira Jennings Miaira Jennings

If you've grown tired of your old, outdated furniture but don't want to spend a ton of money upgrading your decor, we've got you covered. Transforming your space is actually much cheaper and easier than you may realize. Instead of overspending on pricey new pieces, try revamping your existing furniture, upcycling thrifted treasures or revitalizing dumpster diving discoveries with this list of unbelievable yet simple DIY project ideas.

Turn an Old Cabinet Into a Kid's Kitchen

credit: Debbie Williams Debbie Williams

If you have an old entertainment center in storage collecting dust, why not put it to good use? Follow this fun tutorial to create a kitchen play set the kids will love.

Make Over a Rattan Chair

credit: Jeran McConnel Jeran McConnel

Classic black paint and custom cushions can go a long way! This easy tutorial will show you how to transform a dated chair into a sleek statement piece.

Build a Chalkboard Desk Out of Cabinets

credit: Rachel Pereira Rachel Pereira

Take arts and crafts time to the next level with this DIY all-in-one art station made out of old cabinets.

Make a Headboard Out of Old Shutters

credit: Brent Paape Brent Paape

This DIY headboard made of old shutters will add chic, rustic vibes to your bedroom.

Create a Side Table Using a Wire Basket

credit: Maya Marin Maya Marin

You're just a wire hamper and chopping board away from adding this stylish side table to your living room space.

Upcycle a Shag Rug Into a Chic Bench

credit: Ashley Mayes Ashley Mayes

Add personality to your bedroom by repurposing a shag rug to create this chic bench for a fraction of the designer price tag.

Update an Old Wicker Chair

credit: Jessica Begum Jessica Begum

Give that old wicker chair a vibrant makeover with this simple tutorial.

Upholster Old Bar Stools

credit: Sarah Hamilton Sarah Hamilton

Follow this tutorial to give new life to old, worn down wooden bar stools.

Give Your Nightstand a Luxe Look

credit: Trisha Sprouse Trisha Sprouse

A pop of paint and new hardware will give your old nightstand a fancy facelift.

Turn a Metal Cart Into a Side Table

credit: Jessica Begum Jessica Begum

Not sure what to do with that old metal cart? A combination of bright colors and accent pieces will transform it into this lovely outdoor side table.

Transform an Old Door Into a Beautiful Entry Table

credit: Tim and Mary Vidra Tim and Mary Vidra

Repurpose an old door to create this vintage table that will impress any guest when they enter your home.

Dress Up a Basic Mid-Century Side Table

credit: Carrie Waller Carrie Waller

This straightforward tutorial will show you how to completely revitalize a cheap side table with just marble contact paper and spray paint.

Give a Wooden Storage Bench a Makeover

credit: Marisa Hice Marisa Hice

Give an outdated wooden storage bench a much-needed modern makeover in just a few simple steps.

Refinish a Folding Card Table

credit: Debbie Williams Debbie Williams

Upgrade that old folding card table into a colorful piece that's perfect for any playroom or yard.

Paint a Cheap Kitchen Table to Look Brand New

credit: Charlotte Smith Charlotte Smith

Follow this tutorial to transform a cheap kitchen table into a piece that will cheer up your kitchen or dining room in no time.

West Elm Hacks to Get the Look for Less

credit: Miaira Jennings Miaira Jennings
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