13 Necessities to Pack in Your Emergency Supply Kit

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Hand completing Emergency Preparation List
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FEMA recommends a standard emergency supply kit for general preparedness for any emergency. If you want to make your own, here's what to pack:

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Light Beam from Electric Flashlight
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first-aid kit with medical supplies
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First Aid Kit

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Extra Batteries

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Silver Whistle
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Whistle to Signal for Help

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Dust Mask
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Dust Mask

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Duct Tape
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Duct Tape & Plastic Sheeting

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Woman cleaning her hands with a tissue
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Moist Towelettes

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Colored garbage bags roll
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Garbage Bags & Plastic Ties

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Spanner wrench the metal
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Wrench or Pliers

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Modern can opener
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Manual Can Opener

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Road map
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Local Maps

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White smart phone charger with power bank (battery bank)
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Cell Phone with Chargers & Backup Battery

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