Porcelain Over Steel Bathtub Installation

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Porcelain tub.

Porcelain over steel bathtubs are made of thin steel with a heat-fused porcelain enamel coating. The porcelain enamel gives the tub a glossy finish that is easy to clean and very durable. hey can be installed by following precise instructions.



Inspect the tub for damage. Do not install a damaged tub. Protect the tub before and during installation with cardboard or thick blankets. Some porcelain enamel coated tubs will come with a corrugated cardboard protective cover. The tub finish is very durable but can be chipped easily if tools are dropped on it. Remove any wall covering and drywall in the installation area. Expose the wall studs up to at least several inches higher than the height of the tub. Clear away all debris left on the floor and make sure the floor is level and smooth.


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Set the tub where it will be installed and mark on the studs where the top edge of the tub rests. Remove the tub and nail a 2 by 4 inch board or stringer just under the mark. Make sure the stringer is level. The flange on the tub will rest on the stringer. Set the tub back in place and make sure it is level from the front of the tub to the back and from side to side. Shim the tub if necessary to make it level. Use only small shims. Some tubs will come with a support pad which should be set in place before the tub is installed. Connect the drain. Use plumber's putty placed around the underside of the drain cap to create a good seal. Do not over tighten the drain. Replace the drywall around the tub. Use water-resistant gypsum or greenboard instead of plain drywall to finish the walls around the tub. Install tile, a tub surround or some other type of waterproof wall covering around the walls above the tub. Caulk along the bottom edge of the outside of the tub along the floor and around the top edge of the tub where it meets the tub surround or tile with white or clear caulk.



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