Instructions for Macrame Lawn Chairs

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Macrame craft involves tying knots into decorative patterns. Depending on the desired finished look, a variety of materials can be used, including string, silk, yarn or hemp. For lawn chairs, choose a material with a lot of strength to ensure a secure hold for the person sitting in it. Even with an easy pattern, you can make a beautiful lawn chair using macrame.


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Gather Your Materials

Decide on the color you'd like for your lawn chair, and choose a pattern. Most macrame materials can be found in hobby stores or online. Some stores even sell complete kits with all of the materials needed as well as directions for a lawn chair. Nylon cord works great for lawn chairs, whether you are creating a new one with a purchased frame or replacing the webbing in an old one.

Two possibilities for a work surface that will allow you to pin your cords to as you go are a firm pillow or a foam board. T pins will give you the best hold. Rubber bands or twist ties can also be helpful to keep your long cords sectioned off and out of the way.


Make the Lawn Chair

First, cut your cords to length. This will depend on the size of your chair as well as the pattern but should typically be about 4 times the length of the finished piece. Once the cords are cut, treat the ends with glue, wax or clear nail polish to prevent fraying.

Create the webbing. A criss-cross design using square knots looks attractive and is easy to sit on. A netting of alternating square knots could also be used for a comfortable chair.


You can add a decorative touch, such as a creative spiral stitch, around the legs of the chair. You could also add a scalloped design along the bottom of the chair with sennits of square knots attached to the frame with the double half hitch.

Typically, the barrel knot or wrapped knot will be used for finishing off. Glue or wax the final knot and allow it to dry completely.