Patterns to Make Troll Dolls

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Trolls are creatures that are usually clad from the waist down--or not at all--occasionally have a gem for luck on their belly and have brightly colored hair that stands straight up from their head. A troll doll can be made from paper as a paper doll, crafted from Popsicle sticks or clothespins as a wooden doll, or sewn as a soft fabric doll. Whichever method you choose, either create from your own imagined pattern or by using a pre-established pattern.


Paper Dolls

Paper troll dolls will likely be the easiest and least messy dolls to create. A pattern can be free-drawn, traced from a troll doll or downloaded from the Internet. Sites like allow you to print out pre-drawn troll paper doll outlines, from which you can personalize them yourself. Create multiple separate hair and clothes pieces so you can mix and match them between all your dolls.


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Sewn Dolls sells patterns to create fabric troll dolls. These dolls can become useful and decorative pin cushions or soft toys for a child. Choose fabrics that are soft and durable if crafting for a child. If forming a pin cushion, fill the doll with plenty of soft batting or stuffing so there is ample material for the pins to stick into. Use colorful yarn or brightly colored cotton balls as the hair for the trolls.


Clothespin Dolls

Use paint to add details like a face to the flat side of a clothespin. The clip portion will be the head and the separate levers at the bottom will be the legs. Use yarn or colored cotton glued to the top as the doll hair. Glue a gemstone into the center of the doll as a jewel belly button.


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