What Glue to Use to Attach Plastic to Foam Padding

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Many craft projects may require gluing plastic and foam together. Unfortunately, some plastics cannot be glued at all. For those that can, look for a glue that can bond porous and non-porous surfaces. Most glues will list the types of materials they can bond. While some glues will list both plastic and foam as materials they can bond, remember that most products will also have a disclaimer that not all plastics can be bonded.


Glues for Plastic and Foam

According to the label on Elmer's Craft Bond All Purpose Glue, this product can glue both porous and non-porous materials. It specifically lists plastic foam. Stronger glues for bonding plastic to foam include Liquid Nails, Gorilla Glue and E 6000. E 6000 claims to be an industrial strength glue which is flexible and can be painted. It can bond most plastics and many other surfaces. Liquid Nails produces three products its site claims can bond plastic to foam. One is Liquid Nails Home Projects Repair Adhesive, which is acid free and sets within an hour. The company also makes Liquid Nails Clear Small Projects Silicone Adhesive which takes six hours to set. The site also recommends the Liquid Nails Adhesive Variety Pack. Gorilla Glue, according to its site, produces two glues which are suitable for bonding plastic to foam: the basic Gorilla Glue and the new Gorilla Epoxy. According to the company's glue guide chart, both of these glues can bond plastic and foam. Both glue most anything except paper and rubber.

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