Care of a Black, Cast Iron Sink

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Black, cast-iron sinks are popular and attractive kitchen accessories. Many homeowners choose them over stainless steel and porcelain sinks. Cast iron is known for its strength, durability, ease to clean and vintage appeal. Cast-iron sinks are some of the oldest types of sinks in the United States. Even though they are durable, long-lasting items, they still require proper care. With that proper care, your black, cast-iron sink can be a long-lasting member of your kitchen.



Sinks see a lot of different materials in their lifespan. Ranging from food to soap, the sink will develop a buildup; this buildup can easily affect the character and effectiveness of the sink. The sink requires cleaning. Clean the sink with a non-abrasive cleaner. Cleaning products such as Bar Keeper's Friend, Bon Ami and Soft Scrub are designed for cleaning items such as cast-iron sinks. These items are fairly common and are found easily in grocery stores and other stores that sell cleaning products. Black, cast-iron sinks are coated with black porcelain; this surface does not do well with aggressive, abrasive cleaners. Using a non-abrasive cleanser, such as the ones mentioned, clean the basin and the sides of the sink each night or after heavy use. This will help preserve the shine and finish of your sink.


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Some of the downfalls of a black, cast-iron sink, and all cast-iron sinks, is that they are very prone to scratches and scuffs. Do not throw, heavily place or bang objects on the sink. Abuse can cause the porcelain to chip and wear. Heavy pots and pans can leave "bruises" and stains in the sink. Wait for pots and pans to cool prior to placing them on the surface of the sink. This will help prevent unattractive blemishes. One of the best protective methods for a black, cast-iron sink is to purchase a rubber, silicone or plastic sink basin protector. They are available at kitchen supply centers, grocery stores and discount department locations. These mats help prevent dents, scratches and stains. If you have a double-basin sink, purchase one for each side.



Black, cast-iron sinks are very heavy, more so than their stainless steel counterparts. One of the most important care considerations with these sinks is proper support. When installing the sink, ensure that it is supported so that it never drops and is damaged. A top-mounting sink is easier to support than its undermount counterpart because the lip of the sink rests on the counter top surface. For extra support on a top-mounted sink, use a healthy amount of glue when setting it, and use clear silicon caulking around the edges. This prevents water from damaging the underside of the sink and provides additional support. An undermount sink is more difficult to support, and a special support kit is most recommended. These kits can be purchased online from companies such as Kohler or CECO, which are linked in the Resources section. These kits are good for personal installation. If you decide to hire a plumber, he will know the proper techniques to install your black, cast-iron sink securely.


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