Balloon Topiary Tree Instructions

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A balloon topiary tree can be a fun decoration for a children's party or a great, inexpensive alternative to flower centerpieces at an upscale soiree. The appropriate style begins with the type of balloons purchased. For starters, the colors can vary from a joyous rainbow to an elegant or glitzy palette.


Things You'll Need

  • Terra cotta pots

  • Wooden dowels

  • Balloons

  • Balloon pump

  • Ribbon or fishing wire

  • Cardboard

  • Scissors

Step 1

Sketch out your balloon trees. A balloon topiary typically has 1 to 3 clusters of balloons that suggest a trimmed bush or tree. Before building those clusters, several different decisions need to be made. Would you prefer one large cluster with twelve 8-inch balloons to suggest a traditional tree, or three smaller clusters with 8 bulbs that are each about 4 inches in diameter? By alternating colors, it's possible to design stripes in the cluster to match a party's color theme. Good planning and a little drawing will save plenty of balloons and trips to the store.


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Step 2

Create a stand for the balloon topiary tree. A "trunk" can be built a few different ways. To create a realistic "tree" base, start with a terra cotta pot filled with dirt or stones. Then place a wooden dowel, 1-inch in diameter and about 5 feet long, into the dirt. This combination creates a trunk to wrap the balloons around. You can also build a base out of PVC. Begin with a PVC pipe 1-inch in diameter and 5 feet long. Attach a 5-way PVC plastic pipe section at the end of the 5-foot pipe. Into the open holes will go four 1-foot sections of PVC pipe, each of them 1 inch in diameter. After adding end caps, this PVC trunk can be used as a "trunk" for balloons.


Step 3

Blow up the balloons. By now you should have decided on a size for the balloons in your clusters. To ensure that all of them are about the same diameter, create a template that can be used to measure each balloon. Blow up one balloon and draw the outline of it on a piece of cardboard. Cut out the interior of the outline, creating a hole. As you blow up each balloon, make sure it fits nicely into the hole so they all wind up around the same size.


Step 4

Create the clusters. While there are numerous ways to create a cluster, it's easy enough to start by tying the ends of two balloons together. Then, tie the ends of two other balloons. Lay the balloons over each other, twist them so their tied ends create a knot, and you'll have the beginning of a cluster. The cluster can be enlarged with two more tied balloons. If the balloons are too big to twist together, ribbon or fishing twine can be knotted around the ends to hold the balloons in a cluster. A little experimentation may be required to get the desired shape.



Step 5

Attach the clusters to the "trunk." With a cluster of small balloons, it's possible to twist the orbs around the dowel or pipe to attach them to the stand. Bigger balloon clusters may need to be tied on. If you have more than one cluster, be sure that they're spaced equally apart on all of the trees for a uniform look. Repeat the attaching process as needed.


Step 6

Embellish the trees as desired. There are numerous ways to accent a topiary, from hanging ribbon strands from individual balloons to twisting long thin balloons into the design to suggest branches. After you've built your first tree, consider experimenting with accents, or just keep the design simple and stylish.




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