How to Inlay Silver in a Rifle Stock

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Things You'll Need

  • Silver wire

  • Wood carving tools

  • Wire cutters

  • Jeweler's burnishing tool

  • Pencil

Inlaid silver in a rifle stock creates a very elegant appearance. The process is time consuming and challenging, but well worth the effort. To inlay silver, carve a pattern into the wood stock using very small grooves. Place a silver wire in each groove, then burnish the wire, which pushes the wire into the groove and makes it flush with the surface. It is important to carve the groove just slightly smaller than the gauge of the silver wire. The depth of the groove is consistent with the diameter of the wire.


Step 1

Lightly draw the design of the inlay on the rifle stock.

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Step 2

Use the appropriate size wood gouge to carve a groove over the entire inlay design. Make the groove slightly narrower than the silver wire and as deep as the diameter of the wire.


Step 3

Cut a piece of silver wire six inches long. Place the end of the wire at the beginning of the inlay design. Push it into the groove with your fingers. Use the wood handle of the burnisher if the wire will not go into the slot. Fill the entire inlay pattern in the same fashion.

Step 4

Rub the curved tip of the burnishing tool over the inlay. The silver will spread and fill the carved groove from the pressure exerted on the burnishing tool.


Use longer lengths of wire as the inlay technique becomes comfortable.


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