What Is the Easiest Window Treatment to Keep Clean?

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The possibilities for window treatments are nearly endless, but some window treatments collect dust or have textured surfaces, which makes them difficult to clean. If you want window treatments that are easy to clean, there are several options. You can have window treatments that go with your decor and are easy to keep clean.



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Shutters are popular for exterior window treatments, and they are perhaps the easiest window treatments to keep clean. All you have to do is wipe them down or hose them off. But shutters can be expensive, and you'll probably want to buy them for all of your windows (at least on one side of the home) so they will match.


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Blinds are a popular choice for interior window treatments because they provide privacy and come in all sorts of colors and textures. Blinds are available in variety of materials, but according to Blinds.com, faux wood and aluminum blinds are the easiest to keep clean because of their smooth textures. Blinds with rough textures, like real wooden blinds, tend to collect more dust. To clean smooth blinds, roll over them with a lint roller. Or, if they're really dirty, spray a cloth with an all-purpose cleaner and wipe them down.


Vertical blinds are also common, especially in many apartment homes. They are fairly easy to keep clean, depending on the material. To clean vertical blinds, dust the rail at the top regularly, and wipe the blinds with a damp cloth when they're dirty.


If you have fabric curtains that are made out of a washable material, you may be able to toss the curtains in the washing machine. If the fabric isn't washable, or if you don't want to wash the curtains, use an attachment on your vacuum to carefully vacuum the dust and dirt off of the curtains.


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