How Do I Dye Cotton Balls?

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Cotton balls can be a versatile material used to make all sorts of crafts. From floating white clouds to a row of little lambs, they add a realistic quality to your art work. For those who prefer crafting with colored cotton balls, it just takes a few simple steps to dye your own in a variety of appealing colors.

Gather Your Materials

In order to dye cotton balls you will need to purchase cotton balls, dye tablets or food coloring, paper or styrofoam cups, and have plastic spoons and paper towels on hand. The dye tablets can be found at any grocery store or drug store, and is the same dye that is used to color Easter eggs. You will also need distilled white vinegar and water to drop the dye tablets in.

Prepare Your Materials

Prepare your materials. Lay out one styrofoam or paper cup for each color you plan to use. If you are using the dye tablets, prepare the water and vinegar mix, according to the package directions. If you are using food coloring, fill the cups two thirds of the way and drop three drops of food coloring into the cups. Stir the food coloring and water together with the spoons until it is evenly mixed.

Dye Your Cotton Balls

Use the tips of your finger, or clasping objects such as a pair of tongs or tweezers, to dip the cotton balls into the prepared liquid. Continue to dip the cotton balls into your desired mixture until you have completed them all. Place the dyed balls on newspaper or paper towels and allow them to dry.