Troubleshooting a Nelson Sprinkler

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Nelson makes a variety of sprinkler, designed to suit and meet different needs. They sell stationary sprinklers, whirlers, ones with a triple spray, ones that pulsate and ones that travel. In addition, you can acquire accessories which allow you to operate your sprinkler remotely or with a timer. No matter which Nelson sprinkler you select, however, you are bound to run into some difficulties. Try to troubleshoot these problems on your own before calling in a repairman.



If your Nelson sprinkler is moving backwards, your spray arms are probably on incorrectly. Make sure both arms are facing outward and are not in the shape of an "S." They should be in the shape of a "Z." The Nelson sprinkler webpage (see references below), or your owner's manual, will have instructions on how to properly install the spray arms. If your sprinkler is not moving at all, it may just be that it needs a few minutes for the pressure to build up in the hose. At first, the sprinkler will move very slowly. Wait about 15 minutes and then check to see if the sprinkler has traveled.


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If your Nelson sprinkler is making a clicking sound, it probably means that one of the internal gears has been stripped. You will need to contact Nelson to order the new, necessary part. You can call them or order the part online. You need to purchase a new plastic motor assembly with shut-off. You can acquire the correct part number on the Nelson webpage (see references below). Note that if you use your sprinkler on sidewalks, patios or any surface other than a well-kept lawn, the sprinkler may bog down and stripping of the gears may occur.


Shut Off and Oscillation

If your shut off plunger is turning off all by itself, it may be because the grass is too thick or your yard has bumps in it. The shut-off feature is designed to be used on a well-maintained lawn. If this is not the problem, the hose may be too large or the plunger could be hitting the hose. If none of those are your problem, you most likely need to order a new plastic motor assembly kit. If your sprinkler no longer oscillates, you most likely need to order a sprinkler repair kit. It will include a heart-shaped cam which is the part that controls the sprinkler's oscillation. The Nelson Sprinkler webpage (see references below) will have the part numbers for both parts



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