John Deere Snowblower Troubleshooting

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Depending on the horse power units your John Deere snowblowers uses, it either has a Tecumseh King Snow engine or a Briggs and Stratton Intek engine. All of these snowblowers are designed for constant engine temperatures. No matter which model snowblower you have, you are still bound to run into some difficulties. Try troubleshooting the problems on your own before you call a repair center.


Rotor and Lift

If the rotor on your John Deere snowblower will not turn, you may have a broken or worn-down engine drive belt or auger belt, which you will need to replace. You may also have a broken shear bolt. If your snowblower does not have enough lift height, or the machine is not low enough, adjust the yokes on the frame and/or the lift lever. You can also move the J-bracket higher or lower, as needed. Your owner's manual (See References) will have instructions on how to make these replacements and do these adjustments.


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Erratic Operation and Belt

If your John Deere snowblower is operating erratically, you may have a damaged scraper blade or worn and/or broken belts. You'll need to replace them. In addition, adjusting the belt tension may also help your problem. If your belt is wearing out too fast or breaks, try adjusting the belt guides and adjusting the belt tension. Also check the idler alignment. Your owner's manual (See References) will provide instructions on how to do these adjustments.


Traction and Lift Lever

You can solve rear traction problems on your snowblower by installing weights to the machine or installing chains on your rear tires. If the life lever will not lock when it is in the raised position, adjust the yokes on the snowblower's frame. You can also adjust the yoke on the lift lever.



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