Easy Shawl Patterns to Crochet

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Crocheting a shawl is a way for a beginning crafter to move into the realm of making clothing, because there are no sleeves, sizing or necklines to deal with. Shawls come in two basic shapes: rectangles and triangles. The rectangle is the simpler of shapes, simply because there is no need to increase or decrease.

Things You'll Need

  • Yarn, 400 to 500 yards any type

  • Crochet hook, size K (or other size of your choice)

  • Large craft needle

  • Scissors

Rectangle Pattern

Step 1

Chain 48. Double crochet (dc) in the 6th chain from the hook. * Chain 1. Skip the next chain. Dc in the next chain. Repeat from * across the row. You will have 22 dc at the end.

Step 2

Chain 4. Turn. Dc in the next dc. * Chain 1. Dc in the next dc. Repeat from * to the end of the row.

Step 3

Chain 4. Turn. Dc in the next dc. * Chain 1. Dc in the next dc. Repeat from * to the end of the row.

Repeat this pattern until you are almost out of yarn.

Step 4

Fasten off. Use large craft needle to sew in the end of the yarn.

Triangle Pattern

Step 1

Start with a magic ring -- the easy way to crochet in the round. Loop the yarn around your fingers so that the working end of the yarn is on the right and the tail is on the left.

Insert your hook through the ring and pull up a loop from the working end of the yarn. Chain 3 stitches. 2 dc in the ring around both the ring and the tail yarn. Chain 2 (this forms the triangle point of your shawl). 3 dc. Tighten the ring.

Chain 3 and turn.

Step 2

2 dc into the first space between the double crochets of the previous row. Continue to dc in each space until you reach the "point" of the shawl. 2 dc. Chain 2. 2 dc. Continue to dc in the spaces across the row. Chain 3 and turn.

Step 3

Repeat the same pattern until you have reached the desired size of your shawl.

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There is a lot of room for personal creativity when crocheting a shawl. No two shawls look alike. The choices you make of yarn, color and size of crochet hook affect the outcome of your project.