Can Seltzer Water Help Plants Grow?

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Seltzer water is sparkling water, which has carbonation. Everyone knows that plants need water in order to be able to grow, but does seltzer water help plants grow? It is important to look at the various components of seltzer water in order to determine if the water is sufficient for plant growth.



Water provides your plants with nutrients. Seltzer water is water, which means that it does moisten the roots of the plant and provide an avenue for photosynthesis to take place. Seltzer water does contain H2O, which means that it will provide your plant with the correct water-based nutrients.


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Your plants need water that's salt-free. Salt dries out plants, just as it dries out a person's body. Most seltzer water has a trace amount of salt in it, which helps activate the carbonation. If you use a seltzer water that has sodium, it will dry out the plant instead of helping it grow. Although the amount of salt in carbonated water or seltzer water is small, it will have an adverse affect on the plant itself. If you water a plant using only seltzer water, choose a seltzer water with low amounts of sodium. Small amounts of sodium are good for plant's growth, according to J Paul Lily, an extension officer in North Carolina, but too much is not a good thing.



Help your plant thrive by giving it carbonated water. Carbonation is really carbon dioxide, which is what plants take out of the air that they breathe. If they can take it out of the water as well, they tend to grow faster. Carbonated Seltzer Water, a website developed to discuss the importance of carbonation in water, says that carbonation has been shown to make plants grow taller and stronger due to the CO2 and the other nutrients found in the seltzer water.



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