Easy Instructions for Log Cabins Made From Popsicle Sticks

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Building log cabins made from popsicle sticks is a fun and exciting children's project. When the popsicle stick log cabin is built, children can decorate the outside much like a gingerbread house. Gather paints and markers for a simple decorating project or icing and candies for an edible decorating project.



Gather a large amount of popsicle sticks. Most grocery stores and craft supply stores carry popsicle sticks in bundles, but you can use the sticks left over from freezer treats. Popsicle sticks are not very heavy, therefore consider using a surface that will hold the log cabin in place. Put sand at the bottom of the tray or dish that will house the structure because you can bury part of the bottom of the finished cabin to hold it in place. If you are using candies or other food items to decorate the log cabin, consider using a grainy substance like brown sugar for the bottom of the dish. The benefit of using brown sugar is that it replicates sand or the ground because of its coloring and texture.


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Building the Log Cabin

The structure of a log cabin is different than that of a house because of its stacking element. The logs of a cabin are stacked on top of one another whereas a house uses flat pieces of lumber aligned next to each other. Lay a popsicle stick flat on two of the four sides of the cabin. Lay the next two sticks over the open sides with the ends overlapping one end of each of the two previously laid sticks. The ends of the first two popsicle sticks will act as the support structure for the second set of sticks. This creates a gap underneath the second sticks and you will continue to see gaps throughout the building process. Make sure you are happy with the size of the square that will be the base of the house and glue the two touching surfaces together. Complete these steps until the log cabin is the height you desire.


Assemble the roof of the log cabin by laying popsicle sticks flat across the open center of the house. Consider hanging one end of the roof over the front of the log cabin. This technique creates an awning and gives the cabin a porch underneath. To enhance this porch roof, glue a popsicle stick vertically from the two corners of the awning.


Decorate the log cabin with paints and markers or icing and candy figurines. Outline the windows and doors and consider building up the area around the cabin with trees and other natural elements. Consider using icing on the roof and around the cabin to simulate snow.