Bach Flower Remedy for Kidney Health

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Kidney health is a serious issue, and the Bach Flower Remedies may help. A combination of flowers is used to promote kidney health so tissue healing can begin while harmful bacteria are eliminated. According to Chinese medicine, the kidneys are the base of longevity and health because the urinary tract is a vital system for the body. Bach Flower Remedies may help maintain kidney health.


Kidney Health

If the kidneys can't function properly, they won't be able to excrete salt and toxins from the bloodstream. This can eventually result in kidney infections or even kidney failure. With Bach's kidney herbs, the urinary lining is coated and begins to promote tissue healing. Herbs that are used for the kidneys increase the flow of urine to wash out toxins, bacteria and kidney stones. These herbs are also used to treat kidney diseases.


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Bach's Flower Remedy

The flower remedy is a combination of 38 flowers (originally discovered in Wales), used individually or in combination with each other to cleanse the body and mind of harmful toxins. The theory behind this remedy is that illness is the reflection of some form of disharmony between the soul and the conscious personality. Disharmony of the mind and emotions is thought to be the breeding ground for all illnesses. These flower remedies come in tincture form and are taken as needed for daily maintenance; usually two drops a day. These herbal remedies are considered safe, but consult your health practitioner before starting any supplement.


The Flower Combinations

Flower remedies are made by soaking the blooms in hot water for hours at a time. Each type of flower contains certain herbs that can work individually or in combination with each other to help promote healing of the mind and body.



According to Bach's flower remedy system, agrimony is the chosen herb to best promote the healing of the kidneys and the urinary tract. Agrimony is fast-acting and is said to have virtually no side effects. This herb can usually be taken in combination with other prescription drugs you may be taking, prescribed by you doctor. In the agrimony family, there are 13 different plants, native to regions in the Northern Hemisphere, with one species also in Africa. Agrimony flowers have also taken on the meaning of thankfulness.


Uses for Agrimony

The flower (herb) agrimony has been very effective in the healing process regarding kidney function. Agrimony has been around for centuries, used by the Anglo-Saxons and also in ancient Greece for kidney purposes. Some folklore says it has to do with the yellow flowers the plants produce, relating it to the kidney, liver and intestines.



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