Correct Way to Hang Paper Towels

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Part of any kitchen remodeling process is determining where to place much-needed or often-used items once the work is finished. A roll of paper towels in a conspicuous place will help you get to any spills and generally make cleanup a snap. It's all about accessibility: Having the paper towel holder where the whole family can get to it is a big help.


Hanging It Right

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Correctly hanging the paper towel holder is a simple task and depends on where you think the towels will be easy to reach but out of the way of daily cooking.

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Towel holders usually are available in two varieties, horizontally mounted or vertical free standing. You can put the latter variety anywhere; the type of holder you have will determine where you will place it. For the mounting type, you will need a drill or electric screwdriver as well as some correctly sized screws. An industrial-strength adhesive could be used in lieu of screws. Because removing the holder will be difficult and could cause damage to the surface, however, using an industrial-strength adhesive is unfavorable.

The most common place to hang a paper towel bar or rack is underneath a cabinet, although on the wall at an accessible height is certainly an option.

If you choose to mount the holder underneath a cabinet, make sure you use screws that won't show through the surface of the cabinet's interior. Simply drill two holes of the same diameter as the screws on each side of the holder's base, position the holder, then screw the holder into place.


If you choose the wall mount, you'll need a level. Drill two holes on either side of the base and place the holder on the wall at the desired height. Use the electric screwdriver to attach one side of the holder to the wall. Place the level on top of the paper towel holder to determine when the holder is level, then screw into place. Finish by putting your paper towel roll into the holder with the sheet hanging over or under. Most iron or plastic holders come with pre-drilled holes, so use the level accordingly and you're set.


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